Everything to Know About the Spray Tan Course

The sunbed has become a relic of the past when it comes to achieving a golden glow minus UV damage. In today’s setting, getting tanned and glowing is achieved easily and quickly with spray tanning.

Choosing to enrol in a Spray Tan Course allows you to learn practical and theoretical knowledge of spray tanning. The two types of spray tan courses to choose from include:


Introductory Spray Tan Course

The introductory Spray Tan Course offers excellent learning and training for people who have never handled a spray tan. Knowing the basics of spray tanning allows you to understand the ins and outs of spray tanning.

The introductory course includes:

  • Free spray tanning kit
  • 500ml tanning solution
  • Record cards
  • Aftercare leaflets


Complete Tanning Spray Tan Course

Knowing more about spray tanning after learning the basics is sensible. The advanced course that provides more hands-on experience allows you to know more about the machine and the best techniques of application.


A certificate is awarded to any student completing either the Introductory or Complete Tanning Courses. The certificate assures customers of your qualification as a professional spray tan provider.

The complete tanning course includes:

  • Free spray tanning kit
  • Aftercare leaflets
  • Mop caps
  • Tent
  • Gloves
  • Paper knickers
  • Record cards
  • HV gun
  • Sticky feet
  • A litre of tanning solution


Why take a Spray Tan Course?


A better grasp, knowledge, and enhanced awareness of the legalities are the top reasons for taking a spray tan course.


For business purposes

A training manual is provided right off to all students taking a spray tan course. The manual explains ways of marketing your services to attract many clients. The marketing tips provided in the manual help students kickstart their tanning services.


Legal aspects

Starting your own spray tanning business involves some legalities. Many reputable beauty schools offering the course provide insurance coverage for their students and kits after they become certified. Replacing faulty or broken equipment is fully covered by the insurance.

Safety and health protocols are part of the curriculum of the spray tan course. For instance, students are advised to perform a client consultation before doing spray tanning.

Some of the risks that students are likely to face include:

  • Allergic reaction
  • Unsatisfied client

This is why getting educated and certified in spray tanning is crucial to cover all legal issues arising from the procedure.


Knowledge and training

Spray tanning is a precise skill that requires knowledge and training. Learning how to handle the tanning solution and the equipment is crucial. Once certified, a student is equipped to apply customised tanning solutions to various clients. For instance, knowing the right amount of darkness to use on each skin type and tone is the best way to keep clients happy.

Learning social skills during the course helps students to take the right approach to every client. Spray tanning is an intimate procedure, requiring a client to get undressed in front of a spray tan provider.

This could be a very uncomfortable situation if the spray tan provider does not have the social skills to make their clients comfortable at the outset. Establishing a friendly rapport with each client is an important social skill taught and learned in a Spray Tan Course.


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